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June 10th @ 12:00 Noon EDT


Studying Past Masters with Allison Malafronte




Allison Malafronte, of American Artist, Artist Daily, Weekend With the Master Organizer and Art For Thought columnist will be joining us for an exciting 30 minute interview. We will be discussing how important and thought provoking studying the past Masters are.  We’ll explore how Allison identifies the Masters she writes about and her insights on them.


We will also discuss the upcoming Weekend With the Masters seminars and her work at American Artist, Artist Daily and all the other duties she has.


Join us to discover the mysteries and magnificence of our Past Masters with Allison Malafronte on June 10 at Noon Eastern time.


Very easy to join us!


Call in number to speak with the host

(760) 542-3932


Just link to the following:


Link to the past show with Kevin on May 27th show


Here is the link to the iTunes podcast for May 27th show--(can load it down to ipod or iphone):

All shows are taped if you can't listen live.


We hope you can join us!!



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